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How do I apply to become an E8 Funded trader?
How do I apply to become an E8 Funded trader?
What's the funding process?
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Simply choose the account type you are interested in trading, follow the steps necessary to complete the application and after we receive the payment, your account will be issued ( you will find it in your E8X dashboard) and you will get an email with confirmation.

If you choose the E8 Account, E8 Track account or the ELEV8 account, you will receive a demo account where you will have to trade according to our rules of that specific product you chose.

You will have superior account conditions in the form of very low commissions and spreads. If you manage to pass all requirements in the phase one of the E8 Funded account evaluation, E8 Track funded account evaluation or ELEV8 account evaluation, you will proceed to the second and the final phase of the evaluation and you will receive a new account for the step two where the rules will be significantly easier during this final stage before the funding. For a detailed explanation of the rules, please visit the Trading Objectives and Rules site.

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