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How does the E8 Account work?

How do I earn money?

Updated over a week ago

The E8 Account allows users to receive 80 % of the earnings they have generated while trading on simulated platform in each 14-day period once they become E8 Trader. Users of standard (regular) E8 Accounts are eligible to receive their first payout after 8 days, and then every 14 days after each payout thereafter. Users will have the same account balance available to them as they used during the E8 Evaluation phase. For example, if a user had $200,000 in simulated funds during the E8 Evaluation phase, the user will have $200,000 in their E8 Trader account to make trades on our simulated platform.

To avoid any confusion, please note that all accounts that are provided to our clients are simulated accounts with virtual funds. After a user becomes an E8 Trader, they are provided with login credentials to a simulated trading account, with the difference that the E8 Trader Account is that you start earning based on your performance, work on building systems with your data . Users are entitled to 80 % of earnings generated on the simulated E8 Trader Account. This solution allows us to maintain a fluid process and gives us the opportunity to build with your trading data without affecting your trade results.

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