The funded accounts allow traders to receive 80% of generated profits during each withdrawal period. The first withdrawal is eligible in 8 days, then your next withdrawals are eligible every 14 days after your last withdrawal. You will trade with the same account balance that you traded in the E8 Funding Evaluation. If you traded with $250,000 in the E8 Funding Evaluation, you will also manage $250,000 in the E8 Funded Account.

To avoid any confusion, please note that all accounts that we provide to our clients are simulated accounts with virtual funds. After a client becomes an E8 Funded Trader, they are provided with login credentials to a simulated trading account, with the difference that the Funded Account is connected to our Proprietary Trading Firm’s live trading account with real capital. That is how we generate real profits. Traders are entitled to 80% of profits generated on the Funded Account. This solution allows us to maintain a fluid process and gives us the freedom to manage risk properly without affecting your trade results.

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