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How many accounts can I apply for at once?
How many accounts can I apply for at once?

What is the maximum allocation of E8 accounts I can apply for?

Updated over a week ago

Phase 1:

  • E8 account - Unlimited

  • E8 track account - Unlimited

  • E8 One - Unlimited

  • E8 Pro v.1 account - Unlimited

Phase 2/3:

  • E8 account and E8 track account in total- $400,000

E8 Trader stage:

  • E8 account and E8 Track account in total- $400,000

  • E8 One - $400,000

  • E8 Pro v.1 account - $200,000

You can have as many E8 and E8 Track accounts as you want in Phase-1, but in Phase-2 the maximum you can manage is $400,000 in E8 Track and E8 accounts.

In the E8 Trader stage, you can have a maximum of $400,000 in total In E8 and E8 Track Allocation + $400,000 in E8 One and $200,000 in E8 Pro v.1 account.

If a $200,000 E8 account is scaled up to $210,000, it would not be feasible to have another $200,000 E8 account on the E8 Trader stage, as this would exceed the $400,000 balance limit.

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