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How many accounts can I apply for at once?
How many accounts can I apply for at once?
What is the maximum number of funded accounts I can apply for?
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You can have as many E8 and E8 Track accounts as you want in Phase-1, but in Phase-2 the maximum you can manage is $350,000 in total (€290,000/£252,000).

Regarding the ELEV8 account, you can have as many ELEV8 accounts during evaluation as you want, but in the funded stage, you can have only one ELEV8 account.

On the funded stage you can have a maximum of $300,000 in total (€250,000/£216,000) In E8 and E8 Track Funded Allocation and $100,000 in ELEV8 Funded allocation at the same time, which you can scale to $1,000,000 and beyond. Ultimately, you can manage as much capital as you can earn.

We can also merge accounts on the funded stage (up to $300 000 before placing any trades on those accounts).


Phase-1: Unlimited number of E8, E8 Track, and ELEV8 accounts.

Phase-2: $350,000 in total (€290,000/£252,000) in E8 and E8 Track accounts and unlimited ELEV8 accounts

Funded stage: $300,000 in total ( €250,000/£216,000) in E8 accounts and E8 Track and one ELEV8 account.

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