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Do you copy trades to live funds?
Do you copy trades to live funds?

How does your platform work?

Updated over a week ago

For the overwhelming majority of users, we do not copy trades to live funds. However, we reserve the right to use a small number of users’ trade strategies and data to make trades from E8’s own accounts in real markets. E8 works to gather and aggregate data from a diverse pool of E8 traders, which we will use to develop proprietary trading strategies with the greatest likelihood of generating consistent returns. We also will use the data gathered to offer valuable insights to our own and/or 3rd party hedge fund and/ or private equity firms engaged in real trading. Our trading strategies are designed to mitigate risk by not relying too heavily on a single trader, while simultaneously giving each trader the freedom to implement their own strategies. The more traders we bring on board, the more comprehensive our data sets become, further refining our trading algorithms and giving us more data to build with. Contrary to popular belief, building a successful trading system is far from simple. It involves years of meticulous data collection, rigorous analysis, and continuous refinement. It’s this commitment to innovation and data-driven decision-making that makes E8 truly unique.

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