It depends. If you happen to breach any of the Trading Objectives, the particular account will be automatically disabled and you will not be eligible to continue in the Evaluation Process. If the breach happens on your E8 Account, the corresponding E8 Traders Agreement will be terminated.

If you wish, you can always try again by ordering a new E8 Evaluation. Please note that we don’t provide any discounts for retries. If you violate the Trading Objectives, your initial fee paid for the E8 Evaluation is forfeited so be sure to trade carefully and respect the maximum loss rules.

If you do not breach any of the Trading Objectives (regardless of whether that is the E8 Phase 1 or Phase 2) and your final account balance ends in profit at the end of the trading period, with all positions closed, we will give you a new E8 Evaluation free of charge (phase-1).

You are able to get retry only when your account expires and the retry option is available for 14 days after the expiration of the account.

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