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If I don't pass the evaluation, do I get a free retry/extension?
If I don't pass the evaluation, do I get a free retry/extension?
Do I get a free reset?
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At the conclusion of the trading period, we offer our valued traders two amazing options to further their trading journey with us. If you have successfully completed the evaluation process without violating any of the trading objectives and finished in profit, you will be granted a rare opportunity to hit the reset button and start again from phase 1 at no additional cost. This free reset ensures that you can continue honing your trading skills and strategies without any limitations.

Alternatively, if you have finished your account with an profit of over 4% while still adhering to all of our drawdown rules, we will extend your trading evaluation period by 14 days. This unique opportunity allows you to continue trading and building your account for an additional two weeks. Both of these exceptional options can be found under the "Account Extras" section of our platform at

We believe that these options provide our traders with the flexibility and support they need to achieve their financial goals. At E8 Funding, we are committed to empowering our traders and helping them reach their full potential. Join us today and take advantage of these incredible opportunities to grow your trading account and achieve financial success.

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