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How to pay with Cryptocurrency
How to pay with Cryptocurrency
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We know that paying with cryptocurrencies can be confusing for some users, so we have put together a short and simple guide on how to buy an account without having to worry about something going wrong.

First select the option to pay with cryptocurrencies (there is no need to have Coinbase, you can pay from any other cryptocurrency wallet).

Then choose which cryptocurrency you want to use.

For example, if you want to pay with BTC, we will generate the address of our wallet and the amount of BTC you need to send for the payment to be successful.

Don't forget about network fees, which are deducted from the total amount and must be included in the total amount.

Please note that you must select the correct network when paying in cryptocurrency.

BTC : Native bitcoin chain

ETH, USDC, USDT, DAI : ERC-20 chain

LTC : Native litecoin chain

DOGE : Native dogecoin chain

BCH : Native bitcoin cash chain

A new unique address is generated for each order so that we can identify which order is associated with your payment. Therefore, please do not save any addresses of wallets to which you have sent coins in your last order, as we would then be unable to identify your payment and provide you with your account.


E8 funding LLC is not responsible for any losses caused by the mishandling of crypto payments.

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