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I'm unable to place trades
I'm unable to place trades
Are you having trouble with our provided instruments?
Updated over a week ago

If you download MT4 or connect to our server for the first time, you might have trouble placing your trades. This is because some instruments are not provided by our LP and must contain .e8.

If you wish to fix it, please add currencies from the E8 list that have the suffix .e8 example "Eurusd.e8", you will find them under "Show all symbols" in your PC Terminal.

When you are adding symbols on mobile, please try to select a new currency. In the right top corner, you will see a "+" button and you will be able to add currencies. If you want to trade GBPUSD, you have to find GBPUSD.e8.

Also, check if you are using a regular password and not an Investor password.

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