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How to log in to your MatchTrader account
How to log in to your MatchTrader account

MatchTrader platform guide

Updated over a week ago

You can trade with MatchTrader only through webtrader. After you pay for your order, your credentials with a link to the trading platform will pop up.

The credentials can also be found on the Trading platform page, where you can access your account.

​1. To be able to see the password you need to select one of your accounts.

2. After that use your email and password that we have given you to access your trading account.

It is important to know that unlike other platforms, where you are logging into the application using an account number, you are instead logging in with your email. The account number that we have created for you is already awaiting you within the platform and all next accounts will be under the same account credentials.

You can trade on the MatchTrader terminal page, or you open the MatchTrader in a new window.

If you have multiple accounts, you can easily select between them.

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