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Can I trade news on E8 Trader account?
Can I trade news on E8 Trader account?

Can I trade news?

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In phase 1, phase 2, or phase 3 you can trade news without any restrictions.

In an E8Trader account during the release of high-impact news, a prohibition period will be enforced. This period will commence 5 minutes before the scheduled news release and extend for 5 minutes after the release.

This policy aims to establish guidelines for users engaging in trading activities during periods of high-impact news events. High-impact news can lead to extreme market volatility where slippages may occur, and this policy is designed to protect both the trader and the integrity of our evaluation program.

High-impact news events are defined as economic or geopolitical announcements that have the potential to significantly influence financial markets. This includes, but is not limited to, central bank decisions, economic indicators, and major political events.

Prohibited Actions

During the prohibition period, users are prohibited from:

a. Opening new trades (Market Execution/Limit orders).
b. Closing trades (Market Execution/Limit orders).

c. Stop/Loss and Take/Profit

d. Buy Stop and Sell Stop

Please note, that if your Stop Loss or Take Profit orders are executed within the 10-minute period (5 Minutes before and 5 minutes after) immediately before or after the event, any profits earned during this time will be subject to removal, without any account violation.

Trading based on news is NOT permitted, encompassing strategies like directional trading, straddles, strangles, capitalizing on the initial surge following news releases and initiating trades just before or after the news to potentially benefit from market movements.

If your trading aligns with your usual pattern and strategy, this rule will not impact you.

All non-targeted instruments can be traded without any restrictions.

News releases can be followed in our economic calendar:
Here is the list of targeted instruments and Macroeconomic News Events that are restricted.

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