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What are prohibited trading strategies?
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All-or-nothing Trading:

Risking your entire account balance on a single trade is not permitted. Excessively risky trading styles violate our terms and will result in account termination with a full refund.

Hedging Policies:

Hedging across multiple accounts, even those belonging to the same trader, is strictly prohibited. Hedging, which involves opening opposing positions on the same asset, undermines fair trading and disrupts the integrity of our platform.

Use of Expert Advisors (EAs):

Using a third-party Expert Advisor is allowed as long as it is a trade or risk manager. Using any other third-party Expert Advisor is not allowed. This will lead to the closure of the account. If it's a custom EA that you created and you are willing to share the source code with us and explain the strategy then you may be eligible to use it.

Irresponsible Trading in Simulated Accounts:

Executing large-volume trades without a coherent strategy or disregarding fundamental market analysis and risk management practices is considered an abuse of the simulated environment. This behavior will be penalized as it does not provide viable trading data.

Evaluation Completion and Account Management

Individual Evaluation Completion:

Each trading evaluation must be completed independently. Copying trades—manually or via EAs—from one account to another, including from a master account to an evaluation account, is prohibited. This rule applies to both the trades and underlying trade ideas.

Account Management After Evaluation: ​

Upon successful evaluation, you may trade up to $400,000 in E8 Trader accounts. You also may copy trades from E8 Trader accounts to one E8 Evaluation and vice versa.

You may use a Trade Copier, however, you need to be able to prove you are the owner of the accounts you are copying trades between.

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