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Can I trade news?
Updated over a week ago

Users are free to simulate trades on any news events during Phase 1, Phase 2, or phase 3 of the evaluation for all offered accounts. However, because the provided simulated platform tracks real-world markets, users must be aware of the risks associated with slippage.

To clarify, it is not a direct violation of E8’s rules for a user to trade on news on the provided simulated platform during evaluation. However, users should be aware that slippages may occur (as they would if this was a live market) and that the user is ultimately responsible should a slippage cause it to violate the max loss rules.

E8 cannot guarantee any profits generated during such high-risk news events, nor can it protect users from any losses taken because the trades may not actually fill, or may fill causing a loss on your simulated account.

E8’s simulated platform is designed to mimic live trading account conditions; just as slippage is a risk in a real market, it also is a risk on our simulated platform that tracks the live markets. Therefore, we recommend that users avoid trading during high-impact news releases.

In an E8 Trader account during the release of high-impact news, a prohibition period will be enforced. This period will commence 5 minutes before the scheduled news release and extend for 5 minutes after the release. ​ more information can be found in this article:

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